Upcoming Learning Events


The Governing for Reform in Aged Care Program invites your organisation to express interest in participating in free coaching sessions that are designed to provide support and collectively uplift the governance capability of your board.

Sessions are structured around group work and targeted to individual providers of small, medium or regional and remote aged care providers, enabling the governing body members and executives from your organisation to participate as a group and focus on specific issues relevant to you. 

The coaching program consists of four tailored coaching sessions, the details of which are below. This format is flexible, and our dedicated coaching team can customise the structure and timing of the sessions to the needs of your board.

  • Session 1 (Kick-off) Virtual: 1.5 hours  

This initial session allows the coaches to gain deep insight into the operating and governing context of your organisation and to understand your key focus areas/objectives. 

  • Sessions 2 & 3 Virtual:  2 hours  

In these sessions, the facilitator will deep dive into the key focus areas/objectives identified in session one. 

  • Session 4 Virtual: 2 hours  

This session will focus on reflecting on the progress the governing body members and executives have made since the first session and identify learning opportunities to support ongoing capability uplift and development. 

  • Ongoing advice and feedback 

Governing body members and executives that are part of the coaching stream will have the opportunity to contact the coaching team for ongoing advice via our coaching mailbox. This advice will be related to the coaching objectives and the Program more generally.

Coaching will be delivered via Microsoft Teams, or face-to-face for Aboriginal owned and controlled providers (if required), and is facilitated by a governance and aged care specialist.

The coaching program has limited places; therefore, we expect that most of your governing body and executive team members should commit to, and be available for, all sessions. 

We also ask that all participating governing body members and executives enrol in the Governing for Reform in Aged Care Program and complete the diagnostic tool and four core modules prior to commencing the sessions, as these will form the foundation of the coaching sessions and ensure your governing body and executive team receive the maximum benefit from this learning experience. 

To register your organisation's interest in the coaching program, click the ‘register now’ button at the top of the page.