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Workshop: The Key to Trust Building

This workshop will explore the “cycle of trust”, from staff, to consumers, to regulators and the governing body and executive. How can your organisation present its credibility, reliability and engender a sense of safety, security and confidentiality to aid in building trust. Conversely, how can your self-orientation, either perceived or real, damage your trustworthiness.

Some of the areas that will be focused on are:

  • How are you paying attention to how consumers feel about your service?
  • Do families/carers trust you with their loved ones?
  • Are they satisfied with the quality of care they receive?
  • What can you do to respond to a loss of trust?
  • What role do staff have in building trust with consumers?
  • What roles do you have in instilling a culture of trust with staff, consumers and other key stakeholders, such as the regulator?

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