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Infection Prevention and Control Learning

The Governing for Reform in Aged Care Program has just released a new online learning module which provides an overview of the infection prevention and control obligations and responsibilities of provider executive teams and governing body members.

It is essential that all governing bodies, executives and staff are aware of, practice in line with and effectively report on their obligations in relation to infection prevention and control.

The Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) module will help you to:

  • Recognise the importance of IPC measures in residential and home care settings and the risks and consequences associated with infections.
  • Identify what obligations providers have under the Aged Care Quality Standards and other relevant legislation in relation to IPC.
  • Recognise the principles and better practices of IPC to ensure the delivery of safe and high quality care.
  • Reflect on the role and ongoing responsibilities of the governing body and executives in ensuring the service maintains up-to-date IPC measures to minimise the risk of transmission of infectious agents and improve health outcomes for consumers in residential or home care settings.

To access this module, click here and enrol in the Governing for Reform in Aged Care Program.

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