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Delivering home care services through change with Glenn Powers

Tune into the second episode of Conversations to Transform Aged Care - Season Three as Glenn Powers reflects on his experiences as an executive leader of a home care provider.

Research has shown that senior Australians want to remain at home for as long as possible and want to be supported to manage the risks associated with staying at home for longer. Amidst an ever evolving sector, governing bodies now more than ever need to be aware of consumers expectations to live independently, be treated with dignity and respect and to be involved in decisions about their own care. This understanding should drive strategic planning and make the most of emerging opportunities in aged care to meet the needs of older Australians. This has more recently seen an increased focus in the sector for the delivery of in-home aged care as the sector prepares for a system redesign.

In this podcast episode, Glenn Powers, the Chief Financial Officer of myHomecare Group, discusses his experiences as an executive leader of a home care provider and some of the challenges in delivering home care services through a period of sector change.

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