The benefits of Board learning

Start the new year strong by getting your board together and strengthening your clinical and corporate governance capabilities as a collective. 

The most effective organisations invest in their boards and encourage continual learning in the boardroom. Ongoing learning and development not only broadens the skillset of the governing body, it also provides an opportunity for the board to get a sense of what matters, including identifying strategic gaps and areas of focus.

There are significant benefits in governing bodies engaging in ongoing professional development, particularly in doing so collectively, including:

  • Modelling a culture of continuous improvement,
  • Demonstrating a unified governing body to staff and other stakeholders by setting the tone from the top,
  • Enhancing the combined strength of the governing body to better understand and lead the implementation of reforms, and;
  • Ensuring all members have an equal understanding of the key concepts and issues of clinical and corporate governance.

The Governing for Reform in Aged Care Program has a new feature that will assist Chairs and CEOs implement whole of board learning and development. The For the Board Kit has been developed as a suite of discussion papers to add to regular Board meetings. Each discussion paper focuses on key governing topics and issues relevant to the aged care sector reforms.

The Kit sets out expectations for learning and ongoing professional development for governing body members across a period, and with reference to appropriate courses, materials and other activities.

Coming into the new year, there is no better time than now to start taking the steps to uplift the clinical and corporate governance capabilities of your governing bodies and executives. In 2023, consider including the For the Board Kit as an agenda item in your monthly board meetings.

Learn more about the For the Board Kit and download discussion papers here: For the Board Kit (