Meet our Platinum Learners: A Q&A with Illana Halliday

The Governing for Reform in Aged Care team recently caught up with one of our platinum learners, Illana Halliday, for a chat about her experience with the Governing for Reform in Aged Care Program.

Illana Halliday is a Board Director of Scalabrini Villages and a self-employed Management Consultant for strategic leadership, professional development and performance improvements. Illana joined the program alongside her board members to improve governance capability for the organisation. ​

In this article, Illana shares her personal program highlights, the impacts the Program has made in terms of her own learning and how it could be useful for all executives and governing body members. ​

1. In your learnings as part of the Governing for Reform in Aged Care Program, what stood out to you the most?

I think a strength of having us all (Scalabrini Villages Board of Directors) do the modules is it built a common language. Our Board is lucky to have several very experienced and knowledgeable aged care professionals on it. This program provided a way to ensure we all had a solid understanding of the Quality Standards and the principles underpinning all the reforms. The Standards are strongly reinforced through all aspects of the Program, bringing them into more meaningful application.​

2. What have you already put in practice after engaging with the Program? 

I have used several of The For the Board Kit documents to assist committee meetings and address the work of the committee. The “Questions You Should Ask” sections are very helpful. The Program also offers good background material to help us review policies or act with due diligence on our required roles.

3. Do you have a favourite activity in the Program, if so, why was that your favourite?

I like the fact the learning materials can be consumed at my own pace and in my own time. I like being able to self-direct my learning and sample modules or offerings as I feel an appetite.  I also appreciate the references and links so that I can do a deeper dive if that is something that interests me.​

4. In your opinion, why should other executives and governing body members enrol in the Program? 

The Program allows people with little or no aged care experience to take control of their own learning and take responsibility to understand the sector. It helps you reflect on questions and issues that an effective Board Director would be examining as part of their Board accountabilities. In a world full of information, this Program provides a reliable and credible information source that can be trusted.​

5. Finally, what do you love to do in your spare time?

I have German Shepherds that provide me with daily delight. Being semi-retired has given me the chance to invest more time into my health, family, friends and fun. I am also an avid reader – which is another reason why the Program suits me.​

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