Spotlight – Leadership in the aged care sector

Leaders within the aged care sector have been faced with pressures and challenges on a scale that few other sectors have faced. In order to navigate these changes and successfully drive better outcomes for older Australians, governing body members and executive leaders need to be equipped with a broad range of skills, characteristics, and experience.

It is vital that leaders across the sector have the skills and capability to effectively collaborate, motivate, and enable learning in their organisations. Effective leadership is critical for organisations to deliver on their strategies and collectively effect positive change.

Leadership is and continues to be one of our more popular topics! To learn more about effective leadership in the aged care sector, the Governing for Reform in Aged Care Program invites you to check out the learning activities listed below:

Webinar: Leading for Reform - A Collective Leadership Challenge

This webinar provides an opportunity to reflect on your leadership approaches and adopt new habits to navigate the reform environment and focuses on the practice of leadership in highly complex and disrupted environments at two levels – self-leadership and collective leadership.

Core module: Leading the Transformation

This module focuses on the role of the governing body and executives in setting the right tone to enable the delivery of consumer-centred care.

Podcast episode: Changing organisational culture through compassionate leadership

This podcast episode, featuring Professor Michael West, will explore some of the actions that leaders can take to address some of the workforce issues facing the aged care sector and to lead with compassion to create positive change.

Podcast episode: Leadership in the face of transformation

This podcast episode, featuring Gus McLachlan AO, will explore leadership as a driver for positive change and what effective leadership can look like for governing body members and executives in the face of change and transformation.

Interested in more learning content related to leadership in the aged care sector? Check out the Leadership and Culture channel on the Governing for Reform in Aged Care Learning Platform.