Conversations to Transform Aged Care (Podcasts)

The Governing for Reform in Aged Care Program’s podcast series, Conversations to Transform Aged Care is now available.

This podcast series is a program learning tool which will allow participants to listen, reflect, and digest insights from relevant subject matter and industry experts across a multitude of sectors. Hosted by Susan Staples, Governance and Risk Specialist at KPMG, the series features leaders in the aged care sector. In this initial release hear from:

  • Jennifer Lawrence, a leader in the aged care and disability sectors, trained medical scientist and former CEO of the Brightwater Care Group Inc.
  • Professor Johanna Westbrook, Director of Centre for Health Systems and Safety Research at the Australian Institute for Innovation, Macquarie University.
  • Lucy O’Flaherty, an experienced C-suite leader, CEO of Columbia Aged Care Services and creator of Korongee, Australia's first purpose-built village for people living with Dementia
  • Rachel Argaman OAM, Chief Executive Officer of Opal Healthcare.
  • Maree McCabe AM, CEO of Dementia Australia and a Director of the National Ageing Research Institute Board.

We took a few moments to catch up with Podcast Host Susan staples

Tell me about yourself and how did the GFR Podcast series come to be?

Have worked in governance and risk in different iterations throughout my career. Most of my experience has been with KPMG, and I really love what I do.

My real passion for governance came from seeing so much great work being done within organisations with respect to ESG issues that weren’t getting board attention or investment. I really wanted to understand the drivers for boards to behave the way they do and explore what can be done better.

The Governing for Reform Podcast came about through KPMG’s role in supporting the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s Governing for Reform in Aged Care Program. I was so thrilled to be asked to take on the role, to bring a governance lens to the conversations.

How do you see good governance practices helping to reform the aged care sector?

Fundamentally, governance is really about decision making and oversight. It’s how an organisation organises itself to do what it does. In the aged care context, it boils down to – as a provider, we want to provide care to older Australians and that comes with incredible responsibility and reward. To do this successfully we need to organise ourselves effectively to meet expectations of “what good looks like” (regulatory, consumers, families, staff and communities) and remain viable for members/shareholders.

You interviewed some impressive leaders as part of the GFR podcast series.... what were a couple of fascinating insights shared?

We had such great guests. It was a privilege to speak with each of them. I loved how each guest reminded us of getting back to the purpose – You must remember why you are here – to provide high quality care for older Australians. Despite the challenges of the sector, this is what really keeps people involved and that passion is powerful.

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