About the Program

Every single leader within aged care plays a vital role in delivering safe and quality care to older Australians and in working together to strengthen corporate and clinical governance.

The Governing for Reform in Aged Care program is part of the Commonwealth Government’s $18.3 billion, five-year reform plan for Australia’s aged care sector and is led by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.

The Program will provide participants with a tailored learning pathway allowing in-depth learning into critical leadership and governance challenges.

Program Elements

Governing for Reform in Aged Care will provide participants with a tailored learning pathway allowing in-depth learning into critical leadership and governance challenges as they apply to their own unique context.

Fundamentals of Governing for Reform

The Fundamentals of Governing for Reform is designed to build the core skills, mindsets and capabilities of governing body members and executives. During this phase, participants will have access to the following learning options:

Opening Webinar: Hear from sector leaders on the drivers of reform and responsibilities of governing bodies and leaders in the aged care system.

Diagnostic Tool: Complete a short online survey to determine areas of strength and development for governing body members and executives. Results will also support participants to identify learning elements most closely related to areas of need.

Workshop: Join one of three cohort-based intakes to participate in an introductory online workshop with leaders across the sector. These 90-minute sessions will enable cohort-based learning and discovery across the four core governance capabilities. Sessions will be facilitated by KPMG governance and aged care subject matter experts.

Online learning modules: Core learning modules focus on the critical areas of governance required of governing body members and executives, including: Placing older Australians at the Centre of Care, Obligations and accountabilities, Knowledge, skills and experience and Leadership and Culture.

Centre for Leaders in Aged Care

Once participants have completed their core learning they will unlock access to a range of discretionary activities housed through the Centre for Leaders in Aged Care. Participants may elect to engage in a range of discretionary learning activities, including, but not limited to:

Governing for Reform Toolkit: The online and downloadable toolkit contains a suite of reference materials to support capability uplift. ‘Topic Guides’ will include information and examples of better practice governance in the aged care sector, including case studies and diagrams to illustrate topics discussed as well as tools and templates used by participants.

Curated online learning modules: Discretionary learning modules will focus on specific capability domains and areas identified as a high priority through consultation with the sector. Upon completion of the learning modules, participants will be able to access a downloadable ‘flip guide’ summarising core content, which may be referred to by learners at any time.

Action learning groups: Monthly Action Learning Groups will support up to 10 participants to discover and share with one another. KPMG will establish the groups and provide monthly topic guides to enable participants to learn independently with their cohorts.

Webinars: A series of webinars covering areas of need, strengths, and interest areas across the four capability domains. Join guest speakers and experts for topic deep dives covering the breadth and diversity of the provider community.

Leadership Sprints: These highly tailored sessions will provide intensive support to intact governing bodies of large providers over a 6-week period. Sprints will help to align governing body members on the reform agenda and support a renewed vision for aged care in a reform environment.

Coaching: Eligible providers will receive 3 personalised coaching opportunities with a governance expert. Sessions will take place over a series of months to support providers who may benefit from personalised approaches. Providers specialising in the delivery of services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities will work closely with a governance expert from Indigenous Professional Services Organisation, Ninti One.

Podcasts: Tune in to regular podcasts series on areas with broad sector appeal, including workforce, technology and governing through reform.

State and Territory Program Reflections

In the final three months of the Program, providers will be invited to attend activities to share learnings across the sector, enhance external networks and formally close the program. Activities include:

Optional State and Territory Workshop: These half day workshops held in the capital city of each state and territory will showcase best practice approaches across the sector, include guest speakers and breakout sessions focused on core capability domains.

Webinar: To mark the formal closure of the Program, all participants will be invited to attend a close out webinar sharing reflections and analysing the next steps for the sector, governing body members and executives.

Program Outcomes

Participation in the program will help to strengthen the governing body and executive members’ capability and understanding of good governance and leadership practices and help practical application of learning in the boardroom.

Upon completing the program, you can expect to:

  • have gained an improved knowledge and skills in aged care governance
  • have gained confidence in your ability to lead cultural change
  • be inspired by peers and exemplars
  • established a network of peers and ongoing mutual accountability
  • take an experimental approach to improved governance
  • have clear goals and strategies for continuous improvement.